Mama Diaries

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

UV Inspection

First of all, thanks to everyone for your kind comments from my last post. Still dealing with a lot of difficult things, but just trying to remember that, "This too, shall pass!"

Now for more of my usual light-hearted stuff:

Bubba needed a UV flashlight (AKA black light flashlight).

"What do you need that for?" I asked.

"A science project."

Okay. Strange request. After basically searching the planet, we located one. (Of course he tells me this the night before it's needed.)

"Mama, roll up your sleeve," he said once we got home.

"Why?" I asked.

"I have to check something."

I shook my head and rolled up my sleeve. He turned on the flashlight and shined the light beam on my arm.

"Hmmm," he said.

Then he rolled up his sleeve and shined the beam on his arm. A lot of white particles appeared on his skin.

He nodded. "This shows things the human eye cannot see."

"Yeah?" I asked. "And what is it that you can now see?" 

"That you're clean, and I'm dirty!"

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tips to Handle Stress and Be Positive

This is not one of my usual light-hearted posts. One of the reasons I am not here much, is because I'm dealing with a lot of stressful situations. I know everyone deals with them, because that's the way life is. I guess my point here is to bring something positive out of all of it, and share stuff I've learned. My hope is that what I say here, can help someone deal with whatever problems they are having.

So, here are my tips to handle stress and be positive:

1. Recognize a positive event each day.

2. Savor the event and log it in a journal or tell someone about it.

3. Start a daily gratitude journal.

4. List a personal strength and note how you used it.

5. Set an attainable goal and note your progress.

6. Report a relatively minor stress and list ways to reappraise the event positively.

7. Recognize and practice small acts of kindness daily.

8. Practice mindfulness, focusing on the here and now rather than the past or future.

Do at least one of these things each day, and it will help.

More things:

- Appreciate the world around you. If you can, get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature.

- Develop and bolster relationships.

- Learn something new.

- Choose to accept yourself, flaws and all.

- Practice resilience - rather than let loss, stress, failure, or trauma overwhelm you, use them as learning experiences and stepping stones to a better future.

Do you have any thoughts or things you'd like to add to this?