Mama Diaries

Thursday, June 8, 2023

If I Ever Stopped Writing...


This month's ISWG question made me laugh. Here it is:  If I ever stopped writing, what would I replace it with?  Friends, I am so ridiculously busy, I wouldn't need to replace it with anything! I work 3 jobs, one of which is being the Executive Director of an orchestra. My to-do lists are a mile long! 

But seriously, if I didn't write at all, I'd probably practice more for all the gigs I do. Music is my main creative outlet. I've thought about composing music. At the moment, there's zero time for that. So, I guess if I felt the need to create something new, I'd compose. 

What about you? 

And here's what's been happening in my world:  Any guesses where this was taken?