Mama Diaries

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

IWSG and Cat Dog


This month's Insecure Writer's Support Group question is:  Is there anything you wouldn't write in your books? (That's loosely paraphrased.) Well, yes. I don't write profanity or sexual scenes in my manuscripts. First of all, for children's books, it's not appropriate. Second, I just plain wouldn't feel comfortable doing that. I don't use profanity in my everyday vocabulary because I don't think it's very classy, so why would I write that way?  And I guess I really have never had any desire to write a steamy hot sex scene. What happens in the bedroom should stay private between lovers because more often than not, it ends up coming off less-than-romantic in the written word. It takes a really special talent to pull it off. 

Are there any things you would not think about writing in your manuscripts?   

About cat dog...I am speaking of the wild German Shepherd named Klaus. The other day, I went to the mansion (the ex's place) to pick up my son. When I got there, I found the giant, 80-pound dog standing on a table. What in the world...?  I thought. The ex quickly came and yelled at the beast to get down. 

So, ladies and gentlemen, Klaus does indeed have a new trick:  Jumping on any table he can.  He's like a Tigger (think Winnie the Pooh). Bouncing and jumping,  just like a cat.  Have you ever seen a German Shepherd standing on a kitchen table? If you have, I'd sure like to know about it!