Mama Diaries

Tuesday, June 1, 2021



The Insecure Writer's Support Group question of the month is, "How long do you let a first draft sit before you revisit it and make revisions? And is it related to how many books you have under your belt?"

I honestly don't have a specific time I let first drafts sit. Generally, I start writing something new and work on that for a while before even thinking about the most recently completed first draft. I want to forget what I wrote as much as possible. Then I can truly look at it with fresh eyes. And no, it really doesn't depend on how many books I have written. With Bubba and Squirt's Big Dig to China, I waited 6 years before looking at it again. I had written three books before I came back to it.

What about you? How long do you wait to redo the first draft?

Here's a recent puppy picture of Klaus. He's so adorable, but definitely a high-maintenance bundle of trouble! (For those who may have missed the last post, yes, the wall behind him is his handiwork. He likes to chew!)