Mama Diaries

Friday, November 5, 2021

IWSG and Another Klaus Story


Okay. So I'm a few days late on the IWSG post. Sorry. It's been busy in my world!  Better late than never. The question is, is it easier for me to come up with a title for my work or write a blurb?  Title. For sure! I have titles popping out of my head all over the place. Blurbs take way more effort. They have to be concise, convey the story, and interest the reader at the same time. Not an easy task!  What about you?  Which do you find easier?

And now for another Klaus story:  The feisty canine reached the point in his life all dogs dread. It was time to get neutered. On the day of the operation, he was up bright and early at 6 AM, jubilant and jumping with glee. He knew a car ride was in the picture. The excitement was too much. He arrived at the vet's office, still overjoyed., super-hyper, tugging at the leash, jumping, and greeting everyone who was there.

As you probably know, a dog undergoing the neutering process has to be sedated. Well, Klaus, being the extraordinarily hyper beast he is, wouldn't settle down. Extra tranquilizers were required. Then afterward, when it was time to put the "cone of shame" on him, he needed three people to hold him down to get it done. You'd think after having his privates altered, he'd be a little more subdued. But no. He still wanted to greet everyone. Bumping into them like a drunk person, he rammed them with his cone of shame.  

I'm sure there was a collective sigh of relief when he finally went out the door.

Klaus has fully recovered and is no longer wearing the cone of shame. And he is still as crazy as ever!

Have you ever known a dog (or cat) that required extra tranquilizers to have any kind of operation?

(Note: The story is a second-hand account. I did not take the dog to the vet. The ex did. This is what he says happened.)