Mama Diaries

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

IWSG and Sleepy Puppy


Today's IWSG question is, is there someone who has supported you in your writing journey who is no longer around?  Yes. Not that this person is no longer on the planet, but she is no longer in the blogosphere. That person is Crystal Collier. She was always so supportive and upbeat no matter what was going on in her personal life. It impressed me and meant so much that she stuck around to help promote my book Bubba and Squirt's Big Dig to China. It was her last post. I truly felt honored that she did that.

So many people are like that here in the blogger community. Do you have anyone you miss who's no longer here?

And now for a Klaus story. Klaus doesn't like to be confined. When he gets crated, he restlessly paws at the bottom, trying to dig his way out. Well, he didn't get out, because there was a solid floor under his crate. But he did manage to dig a hole right through the plastic liner. Unbelievable!  All I have to say is those are some seriously sharp teeth and claws! 

Here's the little trouble maker, exhausted from his attempt at escaping: