Mama Diaries

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

My Thoughts on AI Writing


This month's IWSG question is What do you think of Artificial intelligence (AI) being used to write things (like books).

I think AI can be helpful for giving ideas. For example, when I built my new website, there were options for AI to create some of the verbiage in the text boxes.  I let the AI do its thing and decided I didn't really like it. But it gave me some ideas for what I could write. In that respect, I think it's helpful.

But to let AI write a whole story, I'd say no way! Writing is a process of human creativity. A big reason I write is to create. It's a source of enjoyment. So why would I want to give that up to an AI? 

What are your thoughts on this? 

This past weekend I went to a rock orchestra concert and saw violinist, Mark Woods perform. Ever heard of him?  The 65-year-old dude has a serious amount of energy! (An aside...this week I've been practicing with and will perform with a high-school rock orchestra. I look like a high-school kid, right? 😂😂 It's been so much fun!)

(I wanted to upload the video, but it's too big. So here are some photos.) 

                                               I caught him in a moment preparing to go onstage.