Mama Diaries

Monday, April 5, 2021

IWSG Post and Cat Caper


This month's Insecure Writer's Support Group question is, "Do you take risks when writing?"

Nope. I write for kids, so the last thing I want to do is offend them or their parents. In fact, while writing the Bubba and Squirt books, I do a lot of research on culture. I take special care to write in such a way as to be respectful of the culture. I hear about it if I don't succeed. (And yes, I actually did offend someone with one of Bubba's comments in my first book. Most kids would have found it funny, and  a good way to remember what something was called, but this particular person didn't.)  

What about you? Are you a risk-taker when it comes to writing? Have you ever offended someone with what you've written?

And now for the story:  We haven't heard much about Bootsy lately, but I assure you, he is alive and well. The other day, my ex went outside to put something in the garbage. When he opened the lid, who do you think he found?  Yep. Bootsy! The sneaky cat was feasting on leftover fried chicken. Do you think Bootsy was at all concerned about being discovered? No! He licked his paws, jumped down, and casually sauntered off. (I don't know if you remember a previous story where he teamed up with Schultz and raided the garbage. Guess he's still up to his old tricks!)  In case you are wondering, Bootsy doesn't much care for the new puppy, Klaus. He barks too much. I think he still misses his buddy, Schultz. 

Finally, for your entertainment, I collaborated virtually with my friend, a cellist, to play some more music. if you'd like to listen, you can go here.