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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Guest Author, Beverly McClure

I’m delighted to be participating in author Beverly Stowe McClure’s Blog Tour today for her latest release, GABE’S GUARDIAN ANGEL.

Beverly is offering a tour-wide giveaway. More information on the giveaway is listed below.

by Beverly Stowe McClure
* Paperback: 214 pages
* Publisher: Freedom Fox Press
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 1939844665
* ISBN-13: 978-1939844668

Gabe Montana is clumsy. He's overweight, and he's dyslexic. Worse yet, the bullies make his fifteen-year-old life even more miserable-so miserable he wants to die.

Charley, his guardian angel, says no to that idea and comes up with a different plan. He'll give Gabe self-confidence so he can solve his problems, not run away from them. But Gabe wonders why the angel doesn't just help with the bullies. What's with this self-confidence stuff?

Can Charley help Gabe stand on his own two feet? Will Gabe give up hope life can improve for him? Or will he finally listen to the angel's advice?

GABE'S GUARDIAN ANGEL is available at the following sites:AMAZON PAPERBACK 

Hi, Beverly! Welcome!  What gave you the idea for the book?

Several things. I retired from teaching in elementary school many years ago and hadn't really kept up with what was happening in town or the schools. But a newspaper article woke me up to the facts. It seems that some boys were bullying another boy and they told him to "go kill himself." So, he did. How sad he must have been to take his own life. I couldn't help that young boy, but perhaps I could help others. But how? Maybe write a book showing how precious each life is? So, GABE'S GUARDIAN ANGEL was born.

My heart breaks for kids who are bullied like that and choose to end their lives. It's a horrible problem! I hope your book helps!

Have you ever felt that a guardian angel was watching over you?

Yes, I have. Nothing big or major, but he's always with me. When I'm taking a walk, he walks with me. Sometimes I talk to him. He doesn't answer in words but I sense his presence. A  peace flows over me. When a crazy driver whips his/her car in front of me, my angel keeps me safe. When I'm thinking how dumb I am, my angel sends me encouragement. The little things each day comfort me. I bet your angel walks with you, too.

It's nice to think that someone or something is watching over each one of us.

What do you want readers to take away after reading your book?

I hope readers will see that sometimes, maybe, not always, a person who bullies others may be a victim also.  Some people are basically sour with life and the world and find nothing good about it. Perhaps, however, a bully has problems of his/her own that make him/her take their frustrations out on others. I'm not trained as a specialist, but it's my idea and Gabe has a lesson to learn as does the bully. And us all.

Yes. A lot of times bullies are being bullied by adults at home. It's so sad!

Are you working on anything else? 

I have four ideas sketched out, roughly.  Two are middle grades and one is a young adult and another I'm not sure about.

I'm sure you'll come up with more great stories!

Thanks for visiting my space and sharing your book!

Here's my review of Gabe's Guardian Angel:

Fifteen-year-old Gabe has no self-confidence. He's overweight, clumsy, and dyslexic. The bullies at school see that he's an easy target and torment him relentlessly. It brings him to the point of wanting to commit suicide. Fortunately, his guardian angel is there to save him. Gabe takes this second chance on life and grows, not only bettering himself but the lives of the bullies.

This is a heart-warming story with likable characters and a positive message that can help teens struggling with self-esteem and being bullied. 5 Star Review

For those who aren’t familiar with Beverly, here’s a bit of background on her.

Most of the time, you’ll find Award-Winning Author Beverly Stowe McClure at her computer, typing stories young voices whisper in her ears. When she’s not writing, she’s snapping pictures of wildlife, flowers, and clouds.

She’s affectionately known as the “Bug Lady.” She’s not telling why. To relax she plays the piano. Her fur babies don’t appreciate good music and hide when she tickles the ivories.

Beverly is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She also teaches a women’s Sunday school class at her church.


Author Beverly Stowe McClure is giving away one print copy of GABE’S GUARDIAN ANGEL to a lucky US winner.

To enter the giveaway, just click on the Rafflecopter widget below and follow the instructions. The widget may take a few seconds to load so please be patient. If the widget doesn’t show up, just click HERE and you’ll be directed to the widget.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to follow Beverly on her week-long tour HERE. You never know what you might find out. Do you think Guardian Angels come in all shapes and sizes?

Monday, April 20, 2020

Goodbye, Schultz and a Giveaway

(Weird combination, right?)

My heart is broken right now and I have very little energy to do anything.

We had to put our dog, Schultz down on Saturday. If you recall, he had bone cancer which resulted in his leg being amputated nine months ago. A recent x-ray showed he was still cancer-free. I'm not so sure he was. The downhill spiral over the last couple of weeks was unbelievable. Finally, he just could not get up. We had no choice but to end his pain.

The hardest thing was to watch him go. It was almost surreal. Because of the COVID virus, we were required to wear neon-yellow bandanas with paw prints on them over our faces. I had my sunglasses on because I knew I'd be balling my eyes out. It looked ridiculous. I can't even imagine what poor Schultz thought about it. But I know he was scared. I could see it on his face and hear it in his breathing. He knew. He was such a smart dog. We did our best to comfort him. The process was quick. Almost too quick. One minute there was a breathing creature with energy, feelings, and a personality, and the next, nothing.

There is a great emptiness now. No more jingling of his collar, no more sound of his footsteps against the wood floor, no more barking at the deer.

He was a good, loyal animal. Funny, playful, and smart. I am grateful for the time we had him and for all of the stories about him that I have shared with you. He will be missed. Rest in peace, dear Schultzy!

Here is the last picture I took of him a few days ago when we carried him outside to enjoy the sunshine and being on the grass. Love his little smile!

And now for the second part of this post, since the show must go on.  My publisher has some copies of Bubba and Squirt's Mayan Adventure which will be released on September 15, 2020. We're doing a giveaway now. If you'd like to enter to receive a free copy, fill out the Raffelcopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, April 13, 2020

Ode to Croaky

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring tidings of bad news. Croaky, our pet frog has croaked. Alas, he is no more. After 12 years of entertaining us with his frog antics, he has bit the dust and departed to the frog swamps of heaven.

Here is an ode to Croaky:

He slurped and burped in Marshy Tank.
I  held my nose because he stank.
No more we'll hear his alto croak.
I sure will miss that happy bloke!

RIP, Croaky!

And now for something totally different to entertain you. . .  How I make music virtually because of COVID-19.