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Friday, December 30, 2011

The End of the Rainbow

Ladies and gentleman, the end of the rainbow is in my backyard.  I kid you not.

We have had some pretty strange weather in Cincinnati.  Today it rained while the sun was shining.  It hailed, too.  My son and I were eating dinner while all of this was going on.

"Mommy, look.  A rainbow!"  my son said.

I looked.  And then I looked again.  The rainbow ended in some bushes by the creek in our back yard.  "Hey.  That's the end of the rainbow.  See?  It goes right into the ground there."

"Does that mean there's a pot of gold and leprechauns?"


"Can we go find the gold?"


So now we're going on a search for gold.  I hope we find it, because after all the holiday expenses, I could really use some!

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  1. Send that rainbow this way, we can all use some gold. :). Have a great New Year!