Mama Diaries

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Inedible Concoction

This evening, when  I walked into the kitchen, I found a paste of yellow bumpy stuff covering a Dora the Explorer plate.  I also found my two kids wielding a kid knife, hard at work slicing fruit.

"What are you doing?' I asked.

"Cooking class," my daughter explained. 

"What's that yellow stuff?"

"Banana puree."

I stood back and watched the two chefs in action.  My son pulled out a bottle of squeezable grape jelly and proceeded to squirt it over the banana puree.  Then my daughter arranged some clemetines in a fancy circle on top of berry yogurt which she scooped onto the jelly.  Chopped apples followed.  The finishing touch was crumbs from a few of my homemade chocolate chip cookies.

"Ta-dah!" said my son.

"Well, that's quite a masterpiece!" I said.  "Who's going to eat it?"  I was really hoping that this time I would not be the guinea pig.

"Me!"  my daughter volunteered.

She took one scoop of that stuff, made a face, and promptly threw it in the garbage.

"You just wasted all that fruit and yogurt!" I complained.

"Sorry, Mom, but experimentation is how we learn."

"Well, I'm giving that experiment a big fat F.  Now let's see if you can get an A in clean-up."

I gave them a B.  I guess they better take a few more classes.