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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Death of the Monkey Spoon

My kids have had this monkey spoon since they were babies, and for some reason, they still like to use it.  It's this itty bitty thing with a brown plastic monkey on the handle.  Well, today it met its demise.

There was a pile of dirty dishes in my sink this afternoon.  (Imagine that!)  I cleared those out of there and loaded the dishwasher.  Then I ran the garbage disposal to get rid of the remaining crud that was in the sink.  Let me tell you, the noise when I turned it on was something horrendous.  What the heck? I thought.

I quickly turned that thing off and waited for the the little cutter things to stop spinning.  Then I carefully reached down to see what could possibly be stuck in there.  That's when I pulled out a little monkey.  Let's just say, it wasn't looking too good.  The spoon part was missing, so I knew there were pieces and parts still left in the disposal.

To make a long story short, it took me about twenty minutes to clear that thing out.  I tried the garbage disposal when I was done.  It sounded better, but not perfect.  I'm still not sure if my garbage disposal died after trying to eat that monkey spoon.

Later I told my son about the spoon. 

"Awww," he said.  "That was my favorite spoon."

Yeah.  And that was my favorite garbage disposal.


  1. Poor monkey spoon. I had a spoon fall into my disposal the other day. I know that horrendous sound! What a death!

    1. It was sad. In hindsight, I should've had a funeral service for that thing!

  2. Poor suffering children without a monkey spoon. They'll have to eat with their fingers from now on.


  3. I'm laughing at Janie's comment. Death of the spoon.

  4. Aw, RIP monkey spoon. LOL on the last line!! Hope you are enjoying your summer, Sherry. :)

  5. LOL poor monkey spoons, now you could at least add the end to a barrel of monkeys.

  6. Poor monkey spoon : (

    Poor garbage disposal : ( : (