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Friday, February 1, 2013

What Conference?

I believe I am developing a severe case of Alzheimers.  Either that or my brain has tripped out to some tropical location and left me here alone, floundering in the cold.

At approximately 4:15 yesterday, my son snuck up behind me while I was brushing my teeth.  He tapped me on the shoulder.  "Mama," he said.  "Aren't we supposed to go to parent teacher conferences today?"

I nearly gagged on my toothpaste.   Oh, shoot.  Another mama messup!  Yes, we did indeed have a conference to attend - at 3:30. I missed that on my calendar because I had already flipped to February. Silly me!

"Sorry, buddy," I said.  "I'll have to call your teacher and see if we can reschedule.  I have to teach in fifteen minutes."

"But Mama, we have to go!"


The kid wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.  He dragged me to the school, where the teacher was in conference with another parent.  I stood there, waiting, watching the clock, praying she'd finish in time for me to talk to her and get back home to teach.

Finally, she came out.  She was surprised to see me, but very understanding.  (It's good when a teacher is a parent, too!)  We rescheduled and I rushed home, where my violin student was standing at my front door,  probably wondering where the heck I was.  

Yeah, I know.  I'm a seriously messed up Mama.  Maybe I should start tying strings around my fingers.  But then I'd probably forget why I had strings on my fingers. And then they'd probably get tangled playing the violin and piano.    I'm guess I'm doomed! 


  1. You made me laugh at the end of this post.

    Well done.

  2. This kind of thing happens to me, too. I just blame the kids. ;)

    1. I think my brains got sucked out during childbirth. That's the only explanation I can see.

  3. Don't be too hard on yourself! I think all of us experience a bad case of "tropical location brain" at one time or another. (I certainly do. Thank goodness I don't have kids to worry about!)

  4. You brightened up what has been a very dull day, Thanks.


  5. haha teach you to try to skip a day and change the calendar

  6. Get temporary tattoos of the errands and things you need to do. Then a real tattoo on the back of your hand that says "What did you forget to do?"

  7. We all do it. My mom used to forget my brother. She left him behind at a gas station once and downtown another time. So, forgetting an appointment isn't too bad.

  8. Seems like the Alzheimer's club is canvassing for new members...? And lots of people are getting calls... LOL

  9. LOL! I'm doomed too, then! ;-)

  10. Get out rope, instead of string, and then write messages on the rope.
    Silly, I know. :-)

  11. Don't be too hard on yourself. These things happen. Some of the teachers my son had used to send home friendly reminders about stuff like that. : )

  12. With all that you have going on, I'm amazed you keep up with everything you do! AND still find time to share it with us! Your version of "Alzheimers" is inspiring.