Mama Diaries

Thursday, February 2, 2023

About Book Covers


This month's IWSG question is about book covers. "Do you create your own covers or purchase them?  Or if you are traditionally published, do you have a say in what your cover looks like?"

I've had experience with self-publishing and traditional publishing. With self-publishing, I designed the covers myself, gave my ideas to professionals, and they made the covers look good. I don't think I have the skills to create a professional-looking cover myself. Same with the interior illustrations. For the most part, the illustrations for my self-published picture books are my own ideas. Admittedly, I was hoping the illustrators would come up with their own creative ideas so I could be more surprised by their interpretations, but I was still pleased with the results.

Regarding my traditionally published books, the publisher's illustrator came up with the covers himself. I liked being surprised by his ideas. Yes, I had to approve the covers, but I really didn't have any changes. I'm sure if for some reason, I didn't like them, changes would have been made.

Here are some pictures of my book covers. The first three are self-published. The others are traditionally published. 


If you're an author, what kind of role did you have in designing your covers?

(And some good news:  The next Bubba and Squirt book, City of Bones is on its way. The contract has been signed!)


  1. I find the ten zany birds particularly adorable. :)

  2. It is true that self published authors usually have cheap looking covers. Designers will make you good covers only if you pay them good LOL

    1. Yes. It cost a lot of money to have those covers made!

  3. That's so cool that you were able to hire people to make those covers. They turned out great.

  4. Great covers, I guess professional help comes in handy.

    1. I'm glad there are talented people who can make covers!

  5. Hi, Sherry! I've always liked your covers. I'm happy to hear that a new Bubba and Squirt book is on the way. Take care!

    1. Thanks! I'm excited about the new Bubba and Squirt book, too.

  6. Hi, Sherry!

    It's great to connect with you again, my newlywed friend. Once again, happy February to you!

    The Question of the Month does not pertain to me, but I remember creating my own 'book cover" in 7th grade when I wrote an essay for English Lit class on Charles Dickens' David Copperfield. I made a cover for the book report that featured a color sketch inspired by the theme of the novel. Before I could attach the cover to the essay, I accidentally dropped it on the floor and then clumsily kicked it, scraping it across the floor and putting a deep crease down through the middle. The essay was due, and I didn't have time to draw the sketch again, so I handed it in deep crease and all. Incredibly, the teacher thought I went to extra trouble to create a 3-D effect on the cover, and she gave me an A for the assignment!

    I wish you great success with your next release, City of Bones. Enjoy the rest of your week and month, dear friend Sherry!

    1. So funny about the 3-d effect of the cover. You might've been on to something! Enjoy the rest of your month, too.

  7. I love, LOVE the covers of your self-published books. Especially the grouchy mama and the zany birds. You have yet another gift in addition to music and storytelling.

  8. I'd hire someone to design my covers too. Congrats on your new publishing contract.

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