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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Doggone Dog!

We have a five-month-old German Shepherd. That dog sure knows how to cause trouble! This evening, my son went upstairs to take his bath. My husband decided to let the dog sit next to him in his office. The dog lay down next to the desk and pretended to be a good dog. (Yes - he pretends. I know this, because I've seen him in action many times.)

My husband busied himself on the computer, sure that the dog was going to remain mellow. Boy, was he wrong! Suddenly that passive pooch bolted out the door, ran around the house at breakneck speed and ran up the stairs, where he heard my son splashing in the bathtub. Do you know what that dog did next? He charged into the bathroom and jumped into the bathtub with my son!

It sounded like somebody did a cannonball jump into a pool. My son screamed. Water splashed everywhere. Then that rotten dog wouldn't get out. Do you know what it's like trying to haul a sixty pound wet beast out of a tub?

We finally got the dog out of the tub. The beast ran into the hall and shook himself. Water went flying everywhere. Then he charged down the stairs, somersaulting down the last few, crashing into the front door. He slipped as he tried to run down the hall to his crate. Finally, he made it to his crate. Running at high speed, he smashed into the back of it, causing the crate to slide across the kitchen floor.

Then he lay down, gave us one of his cute puppy looks, and promptly fell asleep.

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