Mama Diaries

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hissing Cockroaches

My six-year-old son likes strange and bizarre creatures. Eyeless fish, jumping spiders, and vampire squids are some of his favorites. Today, at the natural history museum, he met some other strange creatures: Madagascar hissing cockroaches. They were crawling around in a rubbermaid container as a scientist shared information about them.

Naturally my little guy had to scoop one of those big bugs up. He held it in his little hand.

"Mommy, she likes me!" he exclaimed.

"How do you know it's a 'she?'" I asked.

"She's gentle, and she doesn't have horns."

The scientist looked at him, completely amazed that he knew that. "Why, yes, that's correct!" she said. "How did you know that?"

"Um, I don't know. Maybe I learned it in school somewhere. Can I take her home?"

The scientist looked at me. "Absolutely not," I said. "We have enough creatures to care for!"

My son put the cockroach back. "Okay. Maybe for my birthday."

Keep dreaming, kid!


  1. Awww that's cute!!! I like all the same things EXCEPT for the spider!!!!! I very much dislike spiders and scorpions!!!!! EWWWW! hahaha but I usually like the strange creatures too! It's also super impressive that he somehow remembered that the females don't have horns!

  2. Yep, smart boy! Um, no, don't blame you for not wanting it as a pet. LOL And ugh, jumping spiders--spiders are gross enough when they don't jump!