Mama Diaries

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies

My daughter is a Girl Scout. In case you haven't already been visited by a Girl Scout selling cookies, here's a new alert: It's Girl Scout Cookie Sales time.

It's always so much fun going door to door in the freezing cold, selling those high-carb delights. My daughter and I have been visiting several neighborhoods in our area, trying to meet her goal of 2000 boxes of cookies. (She wants a lap-top computer. If she gets 2000 boxes sold, she earns the computer.)

"I have to sell 2000 boxes of cookies," she tells the customers.

They always raise an eyebrow when they hear about that lofty goal.

She's up to about 200 boxes. We'll keep on selling, but since I'm the cookie mom for our very large troop, I'm wondering how exactly I'm going to fit 2000 boxes of cookies in my basement (which I will probably have anyway once all the girls submit their orders.).

Anybody want a box of cookies? (Just kidding!)


  1. Good luck to your daughter with her sales! I saw on the news where the GS were trimming their offering of cookies down to a few basic types; interesting. I used to be a GS too, eons ago...back when the boxes sold for only $1!

  2. $1? Wow! Too bad they weren't still a dollar!