Mama Diaries

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fork Fight

Last night, when I went over to the piano to start practicing, I noticed that there was a pile of forks sitting on top.  There must've been at least twenty of them - every fork in the house.

"Kids," I called.  "Who put the forks on the piano?"

"Bubba did," my daughter said.

"I did not!" Bubba retorted.

Hmmm.  Something suspicious was going on here.  I walked over to my husband who was saving the galaxy on his computer.  "Did you put the forks on the piano?"

No answer.  He must've been engrossed in a big battle.

I knew I had to do a little detective work.

"Now why would somebody put forks on top of a piano?" I asked my son.

"Probably to get them away from Daddy." 

"Why would you need to get them away from Daddy?"

"I didn't need to, but my sister did.  Daddy was chasing her around trying to poke her with a fork."

I walked over to my daughter.  "Was Daddy chasing you with a fork?"

"Yeah.  He tried to stab me in the tush!" 

Whoa.  "Why?"  I asked.

"Maybe because I was being obnoxious."

Oh.  "So you were the one who put the forks on the piano."

My daughter looked down at her feet.  "Yes."

I'm such a good detective!  Now I have to figure out what to do with the Daddy.  Maybe I should lock him in the crate with our German Shepherd, Schultz!


  1. Not a dull moment in your house Sherry.
    Enjoy every moment,


  2. Replies
    1. The piano is my domain. My husband (who is not a musician) doesn't go near it. Apparently my daughter felt the forks would be safe there. ;)

  3. Is Daddy afriad of the piano? If so good place to hide them.

  4. Not me is usually the one who did it in our house...for a while, I think he was a permanent resident around story, good thing you found your forks:)

  5. Chase Daddy with a fork! We'll see how he likes it. But don't use a regular fork. Use a huge meat fork, the kind one uses for grilling.


  6. I really chuckled with this story. Very funny. I think Daddy needs a time out with no computer.

  7. I would love to be a fly on the wall in your house. You all seem to have so much fun!

  8. Dads can be so much fun. Well, at least until you need a fork.

  9. Sherlock Holmes strikes again!

  10. Not me, is always the culprite

    1. My husband has a shirt that says, "Deny Everything." He should've been wearing it!

  11. I laughed at the line about the husband "who was saving the galaxy from his computer." :)

    1. Yeah. He plays that computer game, Eve. It's a nightly ritual.