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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tea Party

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when my son made a teapot?  Well, here it is:

And today we had a tea party.

"Mama, we need some tea," Bubba said.  "What flavors do we have?"

I went through the list. He chose Mandarin Orange Spice.

"We need some cake, too," he added.

"We don't need cake," I said.

"Yes, we do," my daughter chimed in.

"Then you make it," I said.

So she did.  It was yellow cake with chocolate syrup and white and brown chocolate chips.  It was the most lopsided, messy creation I had ever seen.

"This is the best tea party ever!" my son said as we all sat down to enjoy it.

I had to agree, because all I had to do was operate the stove and oven! 


  1. Ahh, but who had to clean up the mess? haha

  2. Replies
    1. It looked crazy, but it was surprisingly good.

  3. Future bakers start like this, and a tea party sounds like fun. Did you clean up?

    Cleanup skills were part of the rules for my kids, you bake, you help clean up. But they also get to eat the results!

  4. Looks like Bubba did a nice job with the teapot too.

  5. Oh, this reminds me of all the tea parties I had with my girls and grandchildren. What fun! We used the Easy Bake Oven for the cakes.

    1. We had an Easy Bake oven, but it didn't get much use. We just use the regular one now.

  6. Now that's my kind of tea party! None of those stuffy, dressified affairs adults like to plan- this one would be right up my alley~

  7. Sounds like a yummy tea party was in full swing, enjoyed by all!

  8. I agree with Angela. Bubba makes a pretty good teapot. :)

  9. Sounds like a lovely tea party. Love Bubba's teapot. :-)

  10. Sounds like a fun tea party. Cute tea pot.

  11. My friend Carol and I like to go to a very fancy tea room at the beach, but I bet your tea party was even better than the ones we have. We don't drink tea from a teapot made by Bubba.