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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Magic Belly Button

Every day, I test my nine-year-old son on his math facts, using flash cards.  Yesterday, we worked on multiplication.  He did well for a while, then he had a harder problem.  He grabbed the card from my hand, pulled up his shirt, and shoved the card in the little crease by his belly button.

"What exactly are you doing?" I asked.

"Math," he said.

"How is shoving a flash card in your belly button, doing math?"

"It's a magic belly button.  It reads the card and tells me the answer."  He looked down at the card and jiggled it around his belly button.  "Eighty-one,"  he announced.

I took the card from him.  "Right."  I gave him another problem and he did the same thing.

"Sixty-three," he answered.

"Mmm hmmm," I said.

"See, Mama. It works.  Don't you wish you had a magic belly button?"

Um, yeah.   


  1. Replies
    1. I know. It would be totally awesome to have a magic belly button!

  2. he may be cheating :)) captain obvious to the rescue :D

  3. Why didn't that work for me in College Algebra? And what about The Hurricane? Wouldn't she get her Ph.D. faster with a magic belly button?


    1. Did you try it? Maybe you do have a magic belly button, and don't know!

  4. Magical or not, I highly doubt teachers would approve of help from a belly button during a math test. XD

  5. Hope he doesn't do it in public

  6. LOL. Yes, please. I'd put my WIP in there and save myself months of rewrites!!!

    1. Now that would be an awesome magic belly button! I'd love one that did revisions perfectly the first time!

  7. Sherry, your son is too funny! I wonder if magic belly buttons can balance check books?