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Friday, July 2, 2010


Here is another story from the "road trip." This one took place on the Mississippi River. It was a warm July day. The mayflies were swarming all along the banks of the Mississippi River. You couldn't even open your mouth without one trying to fly inside. My five-year-old son thought it was great, and even tried to eat one. My eight-year-old daughter - well, that was another story.

Anyway, my mother, step father, two kids, and I decided to take a tour of the Mississippi River on board the "Channel Cat." We boarded the little boat and took our seats. Of course the mayflies boarded too. The kids and I took a seat in the back of the boat. My mom and step father sat in front.

A bunch of teenage girls also boarded. They were not pleased with the mayfly situation. They squealed and swatted the little insects. My stepfather commented that society had raised a bunch of wimps.

Upon hearing that remark, my son got a little twinkle in his eye; the one that says, "I'm definitely up to something." He picked up one of those little mayflies and put it right on the back of my step father's neck. You should have seen that guy jump!

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