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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Barber Dog

Loveland, the town where I live, is a quaint little place. Downtown Loveland has a candy shop, a coffee shop, and an old-fashioned barber - the kind that has the blue and red striped cylinder thing outside its door (what are those called anyway?).

I had never paid much attention to the barber shop, but today was a different story. The kids and I had just made a trip to the candy store. They were tightly clutching their bags of gummy fish, when we noticed an elderly couple peering into the barber shop window.

"There's a dog in there," they said.

Sure enough, there was a long-haired Australian sheep dog sitting in one of the chairs.

I wondered what that was all about. Surely it wasn't a pet grooming store! Then I noticed the sign on the door. It said, "Barber dog is in."

My kids were thrilled. So was the dog. It jumped off of the chair, grabbed its pink chew toy, and bolted to the door. It was ready to play.

The barber came to the door. He was a picture from the past, complete with handle-bar mustache and bow tie. "Gigi likes to play, " he said. He opened the door and let Gigi out. The kids and Gigi had a marvelous time until Gigi discovered the gummy fish.

"No candy for you, Gigi!" That was the end of their playdate. We'll have to visit Gigi again - without the bags of candy!

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