Mama Diaries

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mechanical Genious

If you have been following this blog, you know that my son had received a 1, 137 piece LEGO Starwars AT-AT set. I have been diligently working on this thing for over a week now. As of today's date, I have assembled the internal workings of the main body and three legs. That would be two instruction books.

Today, I was getting rather bleary-eyed and having trouble locating pieces and parts. My six-year old son assisted me many times in finding those miniscule things. At one point, I had attached one of the legs to the main body.

"Mommy, that's backwards," the little man told me.

"No it's not," I replied, as I double-checked the picture.

It seemed to work, and it looked okay to me. Then I went to the next direction.

"Something's not right, " I said.

"That's because it's backwards, " my little guy said. "Here, mommy, I'll fix it."

Wouldn't you know that little mechanical genious figured it out!


  1. So what's it going to be when it's all put together? (I have no idea what a Star Wars AT- AT whatever is!)

  2. A Star Wars AT-AT is a huge transport vehicle that the clones used in fighting the droids. (I'm sure that all makes a lot of sense to you!). It will resemble a tank with four long legs, and if I manage to do it correctly, it will actually walk (batteries not included).