Mama Diaries

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Great Mis-Adventure

Today was adventure day. That's the day I take my kids to a new place and we go exploring. The plan for today was to visit the National Air Force Museum in Dayton, followed by the World Peace Museum, which is also in Dayton. Well, let me tell you how that went.

We were driving up the freeway to Dayton. Everything was going smoothly, except I noticed off in the distance, that the sky was black and looking rather ominous. "Hmm," I thought,"that looks like trouble."

Sure enough, as soon as we entered the Dayton area, we found ourselves in the middle of a huge thunder storm. Pink lightening was striking everywhere, and the rain was coming down in torrents. To make matters worse, we were also in a construction zone. I was looking for exit 54C. Of course, exit 54C was closed, due to the construction. "Oh, brother!" I thought.

I got off at the next exit, hoping to find some detour signs. No luck. In fact, the traffic lights were all out. Do you know how much fun that was? Meanwhile, in the back seat, my kids were complaining about the weather. They definitely did not like the lightening!

I managed to turn around and get back on the freeway. I figured that we would just head home. Then I saw the sign for exit 54C. "Yippee!" I thought. Unfortunately, the sign was a bit misleading. I have no idea where those roads led, but it sure wasn't to my destination! To make a long story short, my attempts to follow exit 54C led to me to a neighbor that I wouldn't want to visit at night!

After about ten more minutes of wandering through the storm, I found my way back to the freeway. Then I saw the exit for the World Peace Museum.

"What do you think, kids?"

"Mom, there is no way we're going to do that!' my daughter exclaimed.

"All right. We'll go home then."

We didn't go home. We went to Starbucks. We got out of the car. We got wet. We ordered vanilla milk and a strawberry-banana smoothie and sat at the stools by the window watching the rain and lightening come down.


  1. It's funny how "plans" get changed that way. It's nice to hear that smoothies and storm viewings brought smiles.


  2. Yikes! I hate getting lost like that. My husband is a map freak and just HAS to know where he's going, either on paper or a GPS. Glad you made the best of it!