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Friday, April 22, 2011

30 Seconds to Destruction

The kids came home today after being gone for four days.  First, my son charged in the door.  He had the remains of Oreo cookies plastered on his face.  He planted a cookie crumb kiss on my cheek and deposited his suitcase and coat in the middle of the kitchen floor.  Then my daughter came in.  She was considerably neater in appearance, but she still deposited her suitcase and coat in the middle of the floor.  Then the grandparents came in.  They deposited an assortment of things on the kitchen table and countertop.

A few seconds later my son called down.  "Mom, can you fix my Lego starfighter?  The wings fell off."

I went upstairs and saw that the loft was completely covered in Lego pieces.

In thirty seconds, my neat and tidy house became a scene of utter destruction.  It's so nice to have my kids home!       

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