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Friday, April 15, 2011

Recycled What?

Last night was not good.  I spent most of the night with my friend, the toilet.  When the alarm clock went off this morning, I was not a happy camper.  My husband had some minor surgery the day before, so he was in no condition to help me with the morning ritual of getting the kids off to school.  I had to get up and do my job.

Unfortunately, I had to spend more time with my friend, the toilet, so we missed the bus.  I had to haul my sorry self and the kids to school.

When we got to the school, we had to wait.  The doors were still locked, and the teacher who watches the kids outside before the bell rings, was not yet at her post.  My stomach was not at all happy!  It needed to be with my friend, the toilet.

"Kids, I'm not going to make it," I said attempting to keep down whatever was trying to come up.

My kids looked around for an acceptable dumping site.

"You can use the playground," my son offered.

"Ewwww, that's gross!" exclaimed my daughter.  Then she spotted the recycle bin.  "You can use that recycle bin over there," she suggested.

Hmmmm.  I wonder what could be done with recycled vomit?  Any ideas?

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