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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Playing in the Sandbox

No, my kids were not playing in the sandbox.  The dog was.

That oversized puppy figured out how to take the lid off of the sandbox - just in time for the huge deluge of rain.  Apparently he decided he wanted to use the kid's sandbox toys as chew toys.  I went outside after the  storm and found a small pond in the sandbox.  The kids mangled toys were scattered across the yard.  I attempted to empty the water, but it was just too heavy to lift.

"Heck with it," I thought.  "I'll deal with this some other time."  So I gathered the toys and threw them into the sandbox.  Then I put the lid back on, making sure it was tightly sealed.

A little while later, I let the dog out.  Sure enough, he bolted for the sandbox.  He quickly removed the lid.  He stuck his black snout into the rain water, and immediatlely got an eyeful of sand.

He whined all the way back to the door.  Do you think he got any sympathy from me?  Absolutely not!

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