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Friday, April 8, 2011

Mission: Rescue Catfish

"Mom, I want to go fishing with my friend. Can I? Please?" That's how it started. "Okay," I said, "but I'm coming with you." We walked to the lake which was in his friend's back yard. There were about five boys back there fishing. No dads were in sight. The boys cast their lines. Of course they each caught catfish. Chaos and mayhem followed as the boys kept tossing their lines in and out of the lake. "Does somebody have a pair of pliers?" I asked. Of course nobody did. "Will somebody get their dad to help us?" No dad was available. It was up to me - super mom. "All right. Nobody fall into the lake. I'll be right back." I ran home and got a towel and pliers. I ran back. I yanked those hooks out of the mouths of those catfish and saved all five. When I meandered home, one of the neighbors asked if anything was wrong. She saw me sprinting up and down the street. "No. I was just rescuing catfish," I replied. All in a days work.

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