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Friday, September 16, 2011

Conversations with a Dog

I think I'm losing my mind.  Why?  Because I've developed this annoying habit of talking to my dog. 

Here's one of today's conversations:

"Dog, did you really have to tip your food bowl and knock your food all over the floor?"

Dog stares at me and cocks his head.

"I mean, seriously, what do you think I am?  The maid?"

Dog yaps.

"Now be a good dog and eat your kibbles."

Dog sniffs his spilled kibbles and walks away.

"Aw, now come on!  Don't be so obstinate."

Dog yaps then he sticks his big nose on the sliding French doors.

"What, you want to go outside?"

Dog yaps.

I slide open the door and he prances out.

"See ya."

Dog looks back and then trots away.

See, I think Dog and I have some kind of understanding.  Crazy, huh?

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