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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mr. Stink

Our German Shepherd knows how to get really dirty!  This morning he was absolutely revolting.  He smelled like dirty socks and turd burgers all rolled into one.

My son came to the kitchen table for breakfast and nearly threw up.

"That dog stinks!  I can't eat my breakfast in the same room with him.  I'm going to vomit!"

I couldn't argue with that, so I moved my son into the office.

I marched up to the bedroom where my husband was still sleeping.  "Hey!  Wake up!" I said.  "You have to do something about the varmint.  He's disgusting!  Go give him a bath!"

My husband rolled over and grunted.  "You do it."

"Nope.  Not my department."

Later, my husband tossed the dog into the bathtub.  He was scrubbed from top to bottom.  When he was done, he shook himself.  Hair plastered the walls.  The bathroom was a disaster.

The dog happily raced around the house, soaking everything he touched.

"Well, at least he doesn't stink anymore," I said. "Now somebody needs to clean the bathroom."

"You do it," said my husband.

"Not my department.  Kids, he's your dog.  Go clean up after him!"

They scrubbed the bathroom.

About an hour later, the dog had to go outside for a potty break.  Of course it was raining, which meant it was super muddy out there.

The dog came back in with muddy paws and mud all over his legs.  He left a trail of mud all over the kitchen floor.

"All right," I said.  "Somebody better clean up this mess."

"You do it," said my husband.

"Not my department."


Soon the kids were mopping the floor.

I had a nice piece of cheesecake while I watched them.

Life is good.


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