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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Minutes

It's amazing what can happen in three minutes around my house.

"Mommy, I blocked the toilet.  Plunge it, please!"  My son is an expert at blocking toilets.

While I was plunging the toilet...."Ahhh!  Mommy!  There's  a giant spider!  It has yellow markings on its belly!  Help!"    That was my daughter. 

I stopped plunging and took care of the spider.

I went back to plunging.

"Mommy!  The dog is eating my arm!  Make him stop!"  That was my son.

"Schultz!  Crate!" I bellowed.

Schultz went to his crate.  I went back to plunging.

"Mommy, I'm hungry!"

"Oy!   Can't I just plunge this toilet?"

There you have it, folks.  Three minutes of my life.

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