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Friday, September 13, 2013

Cover Reveal and Playing Soccer with the Boys

First order of business today is the big cover reveal for my blog friend, Christine Rains. Doesn't it look great?  It's the complete collection of her 13th Floor Series.  I've read several of these, and they're awesome!  Here's a blurb about all the stories that are in it:


Six supernatural tenants

Living in a haunted apartment building

On a floor that doesn't exist.

Six novellas telling their tales.

A retired demon acquires a price on his head.

A werewolf is hunted by her pack.

A modern day dragonslayer misses his target.

A harpy challenges Zeus for the soul of the man she loves.

A vampire is obsessed with a young woman he can't find.

A banshee falls in love with someone who's death she has seen in a vision.

And a sweet ghost must battle a primal monster to save them all.

All the stories take place at the same time intertwining their lives together on the 13th Floor.

Release date: October 13th, 2013

Now for my story:

Last night, my son and I went outside to play a little soccer.  That was all fine and dandy.  But then our giant German Shepherd came out.

He charged at the ball and grabbed it in his huge mouth.

"Schultz, drop it!" I yelled.  I could just imagine what his sharp teeth would do!

He ran off and plopped down under a tree.  He dropped the ball and watched us.  Drool dripped out of his mouth, down his big pink tongue, on to the ball.

"Schultz, that's disgusting!" yelled Bubba.  

I went over and grabbed the ball.  I kicked it to the other side of the yard.

The cat decided it would be a good time to get involved.  He emerged from his hiding spot and took off after the ball.  (I really didn't know that cat could move so fast!)

Schultz got excited when he saw the cat, so he got up and chased him.

My son got excited when he saw the dog and cat, and chased both of them.

I got excited when I saw nobody had the ball. So I chased the ball and scored a goal. 

And that's how we play soccer at my pad.

The End.



  1. Good game! When Faulkner was a youngster we liked to play badminton. He liked to catch the shuttlecock and run off with it. We would laugh so hard that we couldn't play even though we had other shuttlecocks.


  2. Nice, hey it was a team game at that point. Me dog just looks at the things I throw for her to catch like, "What do yo want me to do with that?" lol

    1. Your dog probably thinks we humans are stupid! :0)

  3. Ha! Kind of reminds me of I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly...

  4. Thank you so much for your help with the cover reveal! And I love this soccer story. I would've taken that opportunity to score too! Hehehe!

  5. What? No riots?
    I guess that's just European soccer (football).
    I figured that, with a GERMAN Shepherd and all...

  6. Great cover and haha never liked soccer, by I'd play your version

    1. My version is the best! It's the diversion version. ;)

  7. Hi Sherry,

    I have noted Christine revealing her cover and I'm most impressed with the cover and the blurb points. Yes, hooray, I know what a blurb is. That's progress!

    Ah yes, soccer as in football, football. You do realise that a German shepherd is going to be a natural at football, football aka soccer. It's true.

    Happy weekend.


    1. Ja, our Deutsch hund is an expert at fussball!

      Hope you have a great weekend, too!

  8. I'm clapping in the audience watching your soccer match :)

  9. The more I read about Christine's book, the more I want to read it. Sounds terrific!

    HA! I love your soccer match. Too funny. You'd probably get a kick out of the short video on my post from last Tuesday. Shows little kids playing football. A little boy pulls off a trick play that's on a par with yours.

  10. What a wonderful game! Love the diversion version!

    Go Christine!

  11. That's likely how I'd play soccer, too! Great story, as always :-)

    1. It's always easier when you have little or no resistance! ;)

  12. Love Christine's 13th Floor series. This is easily my favorite cover of hers!

    Soccer sounds pretty amusing at your place! :P

  13. LOL, that would have been a fun soccer game to watch.

    CONGRATS to Christine!