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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Indian Boy

I like to take my kids on "adventures" in the summer. We visit new places and try new things. This week's adventure was to an Indian village. It was a neat place. Indian artifacts were on display in an indoor museum, and an entire village was reconstructed on the grounds outside. My kids had a great time going into the Indian houses, playing with squash rattles, and sitting around the fire pit, just as Indian boys and girls would've done in 1100 AD.

Before we left, we stopped at the museum shop to pick up a trinket to remember our visit. My son picked a couple of arrowheads. I thought he'd put them on the shelf in his room when he got home. No. He wanted to make an arrow with them.

So he got out the yarn, found a big stick, and attached the arrow to the stick.

Then he ran around hollering like an Indian. I quickly confiscated that weapon! My little Indian wasn't too happy.

"Here, " I said, "Play with your suction cup bow and arrow set."

He put his goose feather behind his ear and went off on a big deer hunt. Fortunately he didn't come back with a deer!

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