Mama Diaries

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Adventures in Driving

Getting around downtown Cincinnati is no easy task. My experience today once again confirmed this. I was taking my kids to a park/playground along the Ohio River in downtown Cincinnati. I had tried this last year, but we never made it. Reason: I was hopelessly lost on all of those one-way streets! I thought I'd try again this year.

So we packed up the car and headed towards the Queen City. "Okay kids," I said. "I'm going to need a little help because I'm really stupid when it comes to getting around Cincinnati. I need you to look for E. Pete Rose Way."

They weren't much help. We didn't see E. Pete Rose Way anywhere. I couldn't just turn around, because I was on a one-way street. So I cut across two lanes and made my way to 5th Street. I knew 5th Street was the way to the freeways.

Soon we were back on the freeway (not the one we arrived on though). "Mommy, we want to go to Sawyer Point," my kids yelled from the back seat.

"Fine, I'll turn around and try again." I got off at the next exit. It was not easy trying to locate the way to the highway that led back into downtown Cincinnati. We drove another ten minutes before we found it (what is it about road designs in Cincinnati?)

Soon we were back downtown. "Okay. This park is under the big yellow bridge. I'm just going to head in that direction." So that's what I did. And guess what? After several turns which were not on my directions, I found E. Pete Rose Way. We made it to Sawyer Point and the kids had a great time.

Either Mapquest has some serious problems with giving directions through Cincinnati, or I'm a really stupid Clevelander!


  1. Sherry - We are so happy to hear you and your kids finally found Sawyer Point, but so sorry you have had a tricky time finding it in the past. What highway / direction do you come in from? We would love to send you play by play directions that will get you there every time. I do the same thing in any city I don't know well! Email us

  2. I can so relate to this! We had a lot of trouble getting places when we first moved to Cincy. I think the hills make the roads all twisty so you never know what direction you're going and then there are the one-way streets to confuse things and hey would it KILL them to put up a few more signs?