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Monday, May 31, 2010

Strawberry Pickin'

It's the lovely month of June (well, almost), which means it's time to pick strawberries! My family and went out to pick those delectable little berries at the strawberry farm today. I'm glad we were assigned a row, because there were so many, one would hardly know where to begin. As you might expect, more strawberries ended up in my kid's tummies than in the basket. My kids had every intention of helping me fill the basket, but those strawberries were just so sweet and juicy, they couldn't resist! Fortunately my husband is an amazing strawberry-picker. He quickly helped me fill two huge trays with berries.

We had a bonus golf-cart ride back to the paying/weighing station. The kids thought that was great. The lady at the cash register took one look at my kids and started laughing. "So how did all those strawberries taste?" She asked. I guess the red stains around each of their lips gave it away!

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