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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

AT-AT Obsession

"What's an AT-AT," you ask? It's a Star Wars vehicle. It's also something my son told me that he absolutely needed. Here's how that conversation went:

"Mommy, can I please have a motorized AT-AT?"




"Why not?"

"I'm not spending $130.00 for a Lego set!"

"That's not expensive."

"Yes it is. Now don't nudge me about it anymore."

Then Grandpa came over - the same one who put together that model tank and got super glue all over his hands a couple of months ago. Do you remember him?

"Grandpa, will you buy me a motorized AT-AT for my birthday?"

"Sure," replied Grandpa. "Where do I get it?"

I just shook my head. Where did my well-mannered kid go, and why is it that grandparents spoil their grandchildren? I suppose I'll find the answer to that when I become a grandmother!

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