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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hide and Seek

One of my son's favorite games is hide and seek. He wanted to play it today -outside in the scorching heat.

"Mommy, count to ten."

I counted.

He hid in the magnolia tree. I found him -piece of cake.

"Your turn!"

My turn is always a good trick. Of course I'm big, so hiding places are a little hard to come by. That's not what makes it really tricky though. My son never closes his eyes and counts to ten. He follows me. So that means I have to outrun him. I managed to get away. I hid in a most excellent place. He tried to find me, but he gave up after passing me two times. It was funny to watch. Then I snuck up behind him and said, "Boo!" You should have seen him jump!

Then it was my turn to count again. He thought he was being pretty clever when he went inside the house. But I was smarter than he thought. I hid behind the magnolia tree and waited for him to come out the front door. Then as he walked down the front walkway, I snuck up behind him and scared him again!

I like playing hide and seek too!

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