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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Silly Bands

There's a new fashion rage sweeping across Ohio (and maybe elsewhere). They are called silly bands. "What are they?" you ask. Tiny little rubber bracelets for kids that come in a variety of shapes: animals, angels, guitars, you name it. The kids put these multi-colored bands on their arms and parade around comparing which ones they have to the ones their friends have. Then they trade to get ones they don't have. It's a big deal.

So the other day, my daughter came home begging me to go to the store to buy some silly bands. "That's silly!" I replied.

"But Mom, everybody has them!"


"So can I please have some?"

'How much are they?" I asked.

"Two dollars and fifty cents." was the reply.

"Well I guess that won't break the bank," I said.

We found them, she put thirty of them on, and was considered "cool" by her friends.

I wish I had been the guy from Toledo, Ohio who had thought to make them! I bet he'll be making millions from those silly bands!

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