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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Santa Claus

I know, what kind of topic is "Santa Claus" for the beginning of May? My children thought it was an excellent topic to discuss at the breakfast table this morning. I think they had getting a puppy on their mind. They've been begging for one for the last three years.

Anyway, here's the way that conversation went:

"Mommy, how does Santa get around the world so fast?"

Answer: "I don't know. Maybe he has super-powered jet engines on his sleigh."

"Mommy, if nobody ever sees Santa, how do we know his reindeer's names?"

Answer: "When he's at the mall during the holiday season, he shares that information with privileged workers."

"Mommy, where does he park his sleigh and reindeer when he goes to the mall?"

Answer: "He stops at a local farm and leaves his reindeer and sleigh in a barn. Then the farmer drives him to the mall."

"Mommy, why won't Santa give us a puppy?"

Answer: "Mommy is allergic to puppies."

End of discussion.

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