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Friday, May 21, 2010

Flood Fun

This evening in Cincinnati, we had a deluge of rain. It caused some minor flooding. Our cul-de-sac was transformed into a small pond. The neighborhood kids thought this was great, and went running out to wade in the water. It actually came up to their knees.

Of course my kids had to join in the fun. My son went running out, fully clothed in his long pants, socks, and tennis shoes.

"Wait!" I yelled. "You have to take off your shoes!"

"I don't care!" he yelled back.

"I do!" I replied.

Reluctantly he went inside to change into his swim trunks.

He quickly reappeared and dashed into the water. "This is fun," he exclaimed.

Meanwhile all of the adults had gathered around watching the water rise. While the kids were having fun, the adults were discussing flood insurance.

Ahh to be a kid again and not worry about a little extra water falling down from the sky!

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