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Monday, May 24, 2010

R U Lookin at Me?

If you have been reading this diary, you probably have figured out that my son is a bit of a character. Today was no exception. I was teaching piano lessons while a mother and her little girl waited. My son decided he was going to provide the entertainment. He got out a balloon and blew it up. Then he released it so that it went flying around the room. The little girl, who was only about seven months old stared in utter fascination.

Then he decided to play peek-a-boo with the little girl. She thought that was great too.

"Why is she staring at me?" my son complained.

"She thinks you're funny and cute," said the mom.

"Tell her to quit staring at me!"

Then he went behind the drapes and made silly faces at the girl.

She thought that was marvelous and of course she stared at him.

"She is still staring at me," he complained once again.

"What do you expect?" I replied. "If you don't want her to stare at you, leave the room."

So he did.

A few minutes later he reappeared with his Star Wars Clone costume on.

What do you think the little girl did?

That's right. She stared at him. ( I think my little guy secretly liked it!)

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