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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sand in my Eye

Today was a day spent at the Museum Center of Cincinnati. That place is fantastic! We spent hours at the children's museum playing in water, running through tunnels, shoveling rocks into wheelbarrows, and building foam arched bridges. We learned about the history of Cincinnati and saw a full scale train model of the city. We marvelled at dinosaur bones and walked through a prehistoric tunnel right into the ice age. We even enjoyed a movie at the Omnimax theater.

It would have been a perfect day had there not been the "sandbox incident." There was a sandbox play area in the Natural History Museum, and my little guy wanted to play in it. He played quite nicely. Then it was time to put his shoes back on. His grubby little hands were covered in sand. Unfortunately I did not notice that little detail. When I went to put on his shoes, his little hand met my eyeball. I got a fistful of sand in my eye! I seriously thought I was not going to be able to drive home with this sand stuck under my contact lenses.

It only took twenty minutes for my eye to stop tearing. I guess that's not so bad, considering what a good time we had. Oh look - more sand just fell off of my face!

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