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Friday, June 4, 2010

Watermelon Crawl

One of our favorite summer fruits is watermelon. That sweet, juicy melon really hits the spot on hot summer days. Today my kids decided to have a "picnic" out on our front porch. They got out the picnic blanket, food, and an assortment of odds and ends and made themselves comfortable.

I decided to cut up the big melon that was sitting on our kitchen counter. My kids must have smelled it, because they came running in begging for a slice. I gave them each a big piece and warned them not to let it drip on the ground. "That's a sure way to attract ants," I said.

So they went back out onto the porch. Now my little guy is a very messy fellow. He just can't help himself. Of course he had watermelon juice all over his face and all over the ground. You know what that means: Ants! Sure enough, they came, marching in their little formation right up to the front porch to get a drink.

"Ants!" my daughter screamed.

What did my son do? He crawled right up to them and dripped more juice on them. "Look," he said, "they want a picnic too!"

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