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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lobster Friend

It was my husband's birthday today. His dinner request was lobster. So we made a trip to the grocery store and picked out four lobsters - the kind you see in the aquarium with rubber bands around the claws.

"I'm naming this one Penelope," my daughter said, pointing to one of them. "And this one's Sarah, and Robert, and Jack."

"You shouldn't name them," I said. "You'll get too attached!"

We brought the lobsters home and put them on ice in a cooler. All day long my kids popped open the lid and played with the little crustaceans. Then it was time to cook them.

My daughter sat at the dinner table and sulked. "It' just not right to eat them!"

My husband cracked open a claw. "Yep, " he said. "You should've named them 'Dinner!'"

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