Mama Diaries

Friday, October 15, 2010

Animal House

Do you remember that turtle my son found yesterday? We released it as planned. Today, my son went to see if he could find it, and sure enough it was there, in the exact spot we left it. I was a little concerned about that. Surely the little critter would have wandered off.

So I went online and did a little investigating about baby box turtles. I found out, first, that it is not good to feed baby box turtles fruit of any kind (so much for the strawberries). I also learned that box turtles that hatch late in the year, seldom survive the winter. Oh dear. Now you know I can't just let the little turtle die out there. So, my son and I made a little trip to the pet store to get a terrarium, UVB heat lamp, box turtle food, and other necessities. One hundred and seventeen dollars later, we have a nice little habitat for the turtle. I think the turtle likes it. He promptly buried himself under the coco husks.

What a mom won't do!


  1. Awww that's great!!! I had a box turtle for years and he was great... Although I did feed him fruit but I had him as an adult and not a baby... He really liked romaine lettuce and mustard greens.
    Good luck!!

    ~The Mama Monster

  2. I'm very happy to report that the little turtle finally ate a big piece of a worm. I feel better now that it ate something. We still want to release it in the early summer next year. Hopefully it will be very healthy by then.