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Saturday, October 16, 2010


We have a cool little tradition in the neighborhood in which I live. The week before Halloween, when it is dark outside, the doorbell rings. The kids rush to open the door. On the the doorstep, is a plastic pumpkin filled with candy and a note that says we have been "booed." If we're lucky, we can catch the treater before he runs off. Anyway, once you've been "booed," it is your turn to "boo" two other people.

Tonight was our night. Of course, nobody is supposed to know who the "booer" is. Well, my little guy doesn't exactly play by the rules. The genious put a little note in one of the pumpkins which had his name on it. To make matters worse, the little guy didn't even get the pumpkin to the right person, so the message made absolutely no sense to the receiver.

When my kids realized their mistake, they started laughing hysterically. They couldn't stop laughing to make the next delivery. I think the whole neighborhood heard them. So much for secrecy.

(When we got home, the phone rang. It was my son's friend who had received pumpkin with the strange message. He didn't care about the message. He was just glad to get the candy.)

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