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Thursday, October 14, 2010


There's a new celebrity in the neighborhood. It's Boxy the Box Turtle. This morning, as my son and I were walking through the woods in our backyard, we spotted a baby box turtle. Of course my son had to scoop it up and carry it around all day.

"Leave it alone," I said. "It's a baby. It needs to sleep!"

Of course those words fell on deaf ears.

Boxy was brought to the bus stop where all of the kids had to see and touch it. Then the kids all came over to play with Boxy. That poor turtle was held during games of tag, dropped a couple of times (fortunately with no apparent injuries), and handled way more than any baby should be handled.

Finally Boxy was put back where we found it. I felt bad, so I left it a pile of strawberries. Hopefully the trauma won't be long-lasting, and it will grow up to be a happy little box turtle.

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