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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little Bandit

Yesterday I filled the bird feeder with bird seed. This morning the feeder was empty. There wasn't even a trace of seeds on the ground. I was perplexed. This evening I found out what had happened.

As I was giving my children their snack before bedtime, I happened to glance out through our sliding glass doors in the kitchen. Usually I see Bootsie the cat. What I saw was quite remarkable. I had to look twice, because I assumed that my sleep-deprived state was causing me to hallucinate. At the window was a huge raccoon. standing on his back legs with his paws against the window.

"Hey kids," I called. "Look at the raccoon!"

For a moment the coon and the kids locked eyes. Neither of them moved. Then Bootsie the cat came charging to reclaim his spot. The raccoon scurried off, but not for long. He reappeared at the bird feeder, scavanging for whatever seeds remained.

The cat and the kids watched that coon for about twenty minutes until it disappeared into the darkness.

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