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Monday, May 30, 2011

Bad Day for Bubba

It was a bad day for my boy.  First, his allergies acted up.  His eyeballs puffed up so that his eyes became narrow slits.  Eyedrops and allergy medicine didn't help much. 

Then he got upset because his friend wouldn't let him play with a turtle he found in the woods.  He was so upset, he tackled the kid.  The kid punched him in the mouth and loosened his front tooth.

Then we thought we'd go to the playground.  Everyone piled into the car -including the eighty-five pound German Shepherd (my husband's idea, not mine!).  When we arrived at our destination, the dog trampled over my son to get out of the car.  The poor kid got a few scratches from that one. 

Then he put on sunscreen and got some in his eyes.  Boy did his eyes sting!

The kid was so upset and exhausted, he just wanted to go home.

I took his hand and led him back to the car.  On the way, he managed to run into a garbage can (his eyes were closed, so he wasn't watching where he was going.).  He sliced open his lower lip.  Blood oozed everywhere.  I frantically searched for some guazes in my first aid kit to stop the bleeding.  I found an eye patch.  Good enough.

I was covered in blood.  My son was covered in blood.  And the dog, well, he was obnoxious as usual.    It was not a fun ride home.

Poor Bubba!  

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