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Friday, May 20, 2011

Lamp Shade Head

It's day three of our German Shepherd puppy's banishment to the crate.  He was neutered, and as a result he's had to wear a funky collar that looks like a lamp shade over his head.  It's driving him crazy!

As soon as I let him out of the crate for a potty break, he charged around the kitchen, pulling me with him as he went.  He crashed into the table.  He knocked over chairs.  He rammed into the sliding glass doors.  The dog is a maniac!  Why can't he carefully manuever his way around?  That's what I would do if I was a dog!

But I'm not a dog.  I'm a mom - a loving, nurturing mom.  So I guided him outside and spoke to him quietly, trying to calm him down.  He sat for a moment and listened.  Then he lay down and attempted to pull out his stitches.  (Thank God he was wearing his cone!).    Then he suddenly bolted and dragged me around the yard.  It was a sight to behold.  Little me being dragged around by a dog with a lamp shade over his head.

Gosh darn it.  Why did we have to get an eighty-five pound puppy?   

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